Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Bother...

I know some people raised a fuss about poor Eeyore being too much of a depressive a character for children viewing, but I, for one, am glad I grew up with someone to relate to. Although, Tigger was always a dumb, over-hyped favorite-- maybe because I admired his traits as something I could not accomplish in the real world.

And so today, I post to Eeyore. As I have had a trying day.

I've fumbled through assisting others.

Failed to convince myself that my tardiness in a class that I have everything done in is at least partially acceptable.

Succeeded in convincing myself that the class with the most to do is unimportant and unnecessary for my goals and taking out my frustration on those who've chosen unsaid medium as their own.

And has also failed to make it out of bed on time all week.

In other words, I chose to annihilate my existence today, defeated myself before it even started. I understand that 'life' is what I make of it and that living it takes courage and blahdy blahdy blah. But today, I don't really understand.

Here's to tomorrow. Lots of exciting and nerve-wracking things. Yay.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Proposal accepted!

Saying that makes me feel so much more like a professional artist. I'm excited to see how it goes.
Hello Lyn,

Today I was met with an interesting drawing assignment and was wondering if I could include Luna Coffee in the participation of completing it.

Basically, the assignment calls for the acknowledgment of location in the creation and eventual display of the drawing(s) we decide to do. My idea would be to cover one (or more) tables in the shop with a piece of thick strathmore drawing paper, then with a piece of charcoal paper facing the drawing paper. This way, when customers come and sit down with their coffee and companions, any interaction they have with the table (setting down their coffee cup, hands, elbows, spills, etc.) will be recorded on the drawing paper beneath. Thin dark table clothes could be layered over the top to conceal the drawing paper and keep the shop looking uniform.

I would propose to either come in before the shop opened or the night before to set up the 'undercover installation'. If there is a time when the Barista is closing or opening shop while customers are still absent, that would be ideal. Then the following day, if you're willing, we could replace the dark table clothes with clear, the effects of the day could be on display on the actual surface that it happened. As a final piece, I would take the final table markings to collage and frame as a gift to the shop for your participation.

If you would be willing to participate, I have a 2 week deadline (4/28) to complete the project. To come in sometime next week, weekend, or early the following week would be ideal. Also, if you have any suggestions or ways that it would work better, I would love to hear them. Also, I would probably need to come in before the planned date to take measurements on the tables, etc.

Please let me know what you think, and thank you for consideration.
-Lenaya Kerlin

Sunday, April 18, 2010

As much as photography is driving me absolutely nuts right now. These turned out kind of cool. I was on my skates while i took these of the fabulous Avona Biteu. She's my new Derby Wife. Yay!

Sioux Falls was a fabulous time. We only lost by 45 this time (versus the previous 100+). I call it a win for the fresh and growing FMDG team.

Cigar Bars and leg wrestling also ensued afterwards. Whoo for after-parties.

Next weekend-- I'm a Monkey Wench. No rest for the wicked, apparently.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am blessed to be involved in an 8 hour class every other Friday night. It seems daunting and sort of ridiculous, but I get lost in it. Hopefully someday the time I spend on work will see more resolution despite my convoluted ideas.

Today I was a small part of my professor's project, Art Stimulus. Take a look.

I want to have a place to document my ideas and emotional cycles. Perhaps a record of how insane I am will allow me to overcome areas of distress that I encounter in the future.

So, currently I am 6 days into a diet. I would say an 'eat right lifestyle plan' or whatever the optimists are calling now a days, but it's not. I've been drinking more caffeine than necessary to make up for the lack of food. I'm feeling smaller, but not necessarily better. I haven't decided if it is okay or not.

However, at 6 days through, you start to feel invincible to the addictions of food. And that I can appreciate. I've made it through the Day of Wreckoning.

Oh wait, you're not familiar with the 'Day of Wreckoning'?
- The Day of Wreckoning is basically start of diet day minus 1, the day you realize how much you hate where your body is and how much you eat and how much of a total slob you are. The day you plan but don't actually do anything. In fact, it's the day you eat as much as you want because tomorrow is Diet Day 1, which may be worse than the Day of Wreckoning since you are still a total emotional wreck, but don't get to eat euphoric foods to make it better.

Turns out any day you ruin your diet can become a Day of Wreckoning.
So I need to be careful, I don't have enough nerve to deal with yet another one.

Anywhoo, I don't really have enough money to continually pump the local coffee shops with my business, but I need something that makes me feel like I'm consuming foods, so I will rationalize it for now.

Tomorrow I am scrimmaging in Sioux Falls. Roller derby sort of has my soul, along with art classes.

Good thing I don't have a social life besides instant netflix and my roommate/best friend.